Our philosophy is both simple and effective.

Today’s complex business environment demands a pro-active approach to accounting and income taxes; we strive to help our clients find innovative solutions to complex problems. We never lose sight of the fact that our clients entrust us with their most private, proprietary information. We feel the basic financial accounting and tax reporting is a springboard to a more creative involvement with your business, personal needs, and objectives. Our goal is to help you minimize income taxes while maximizing your capital.

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However, at Capital Tax Consulting we believe that the real value of the audit process goes far beyond the legal requirements. An audit exercise can give insight as to how well an organization is run. More so for investors and shareholders who are not involved in the in the day to day running of the business. An audit also helps in the analysis of the internal controls of the company. Knowing these control systems exist and are working properly is reassuring to both management and shareholders of the company. Contact us today for your audit enquiries.


How to register for individual tax taxpayer?

A Mongolian of citizen, foreign national and stateless person who resides in Mongolia in the taxable income obtained within one month after the start of the territorial ТБ-03 registration form opens a file for the "tax . . .

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Эдийн засгийн ил тод байдлыг дэмжих тухай хуулийн төслийг өргөн барив

Улсын Их Хурлын гишүүн, Хууль зүйн сайд Х.Тэмүүжин “Эдийн засгийн ил тод байдлыг дэмжих тухай” хуулийн төслийг Улсын . . .

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The using a smart phone application to taxpayers

Using the state of the art advancements in information technology, the General Department of Taxation has been working on introducing an innovative service for taxpayers by developing a smart phone “MTA” application. . . .

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